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Resource Library ~ 4 Tips to Creating a Stellar Design

4 Tips to a Stellar Design

This ebook has 4 of the most important design fundamentals. The Design Grid, The Psychology of Color, Negative Space, and How to Design and Effective Ad. This is a great resource to have in any designer’s arsenal!

Resource Library ~ Typography

Guide to Kerning, Tracking, Leading, Widows, Orphans, Rags, and Rivers

Yes, that is a big mouthful. Learn what all of these mean in this cheatsheet and discover why Typography is so essential when it comes to design. This subject is one of the staples that are taught in University and College! Read my article here on this topic.

Common HTML Tags

This is a very handy resource when you quickly need some HTML code to insert in the text editor. The more you do it, the quicker it becomes second nature and you will be whipping up code in no time!

Resource Library ~ Client Agreement and Policy

Client Agreement and Policy

One the most important documents one can have when starting a design project. Set your boundaries, your deliverables, your pricing, your policies all in one PDF. Read my article here on this topic.

Resource Library ~ Client Design Brief

Client Design Brief

Learn what your client wants in his or her design project and make sure you have it all clearly laid out so that the design execution won’t be a guessing game. This PDF document will ensure that both parties are on track when it comes to understanding the design project. Read my article here on this topic.

Resource Library ~ Business Card Template

Blank Business Card Template

Access my free tutorial and download this handy blank Business Card template. 3.5 x 2 in both horizontal and vertical orientation. Read my article here on this topic.