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Everything you Need to Know about a Lead Magnet
Is Your Ad Design Ugly?
How much does a logo cost?
Why is Fiverr Bad


Why is Fiverr Bad?

Why is Fiverr Bad? I just paid $5 for this horrible logo at horriblelogos.com. This guy gets paid $5 to design ugly logos to feed his beer habit. And he has done lots of terrible logos No, I'm not making this stuff up. I think the premise of his site is to make [...]

WordPress vs Facebook vs Disqus for Commenting on Blog Posts

WordPress vs Facebook vs Disqus for Commenting on Blog Posts Aside from the native WordPress comments feature, there are other options you can use to add more engagement and discussion to your posts. For example, Facebook Comments or Disqus. Why I don't like the WordPress native comments feature It generates alot of [...]

Logo Design Process

Logo Design Process Here is an animated version of my logo design process with a twist. The client is myself and my friend. The entrepreneur spirit in me never lets up. I have many ideas (harebrained or not), spinning in my head that I cannot keep still. This was one of [...]

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