Flat Lay Studio

Introducing Flat Lay + Styled Desktops at flatlaystudio.com

I’m so excited to announce that I have added Flat Lay / Styled Desktops to which is available for purchase Flat Lay Studio.

What are Flat Lay + Styled Desktops?

They are styled stock photography that every blogger, online creative or business savvy entrepreneur can use to beef up their marketing brand or image. These styled photos are great for any blogpost, sidebar widget, or slider graphic that you may need as a graphic accompaniment to your website or promotion campaign.

My style is geared towards minimalist desktop design. I have included a variety of iMac, iPad, iPhone, iPad images (yes, I’m a very HEAVY Apple user which is against the morals of my Android loving husband) with frame mockups, notebooks, chalkboards, vases, candles, pens, and other desktop paraphernalia that the everyday business owner uses.

I will be adding to this collection on an almost daily basis. So if you are a food blogger, a makeup blogger, a fitness blogger, a coaching blogger or any other type that I have missed, please comment below or send an email and I will style one for you. Let the ideas roll in!

Video Tutorial to show you how to apply it

I have included a video tutorial on How to Design any Tech Device Mockup in Photoshop, which is taking one of my Styled Desktop images, and inserting one of your own branded images. Or, if you want you can get some royalty free stock photography at unsplash.com, which is a hidden gem.

Here is a snapshot at my Flat Lay + Styled Desktop collection for This Design Girl

Flat Lay Studio

Take a peek and hope you enjoy!

About the Author:

I am an entrepreneur, a designer, a wife, a mom, a bad cook, and a great cleaning lady. I say no to clutter and yes to pushing the envelope. I am a complete and utter design geek and I thoroughly embrace my OCD qualities.