How to Determine your WordPress Sidebar Width

Here’s a quick video where I show you how to determine your WordPress sidebar width so that you can design all of your banner ads with a consistent width. For a more in-depth post on how to design and add a banner to your sidebar, I offer a video tutorial here.

Step 1: Go to your WordPress Dashboard / Appearance / Widgets
Step 2: Type in 2-3 sentences of dummy text
Step 3: Print Screen (MAC hit Command + Shift + 3 / PC hit the print screen button)
Step 4: Bring that screen shot into Photoshop or some other editing software
Step 5: Crop it from the start of the text to the end of the maximum text and view the image size. Play around with the width by uploading a banner to your sidebar and see how far it can go
Step 6: Keep all of your banner ads this width for consistency

About the Author:

I am an entrepreneur, a designer, a wife, a mom, a bad cook, and a great cleaning lady. I say no to clutter and yes to pushing the envelope. I am a complete and utter design geek and I thoroughly embrace my OCD qualities.